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Update and new releases

Work is still ongoing on the new album but it is slow going because of work and also building a mapping solution for Cities and Memory. I need to decide on a studio and drummer for the tracks and then that will kick start the process. Currently I am thinking of using Moot again but I have no idea on a drummer. So if you have a suggestion let me know.   

Cities and Memory - Protest & Politics

Protest & Politics

Karhide has just submited two track to the new Cities and Memory Protest and Politics sound project.  Here is some back ground:

Whether it’s people standing on either side of Donald Trump in the USA, Brexit in the UK, Marine Le Pen in France or any of thousands of local and national protests around the world, people are increasingly finding their voice and expressing themselves through sound.

Two remixes on the way

Two new remixes submitted to Cities and Memory for the Protest Sounds project. The first is a reworking of a field recording by Peter Annear of the 2017 UK general election hustings in Somerset and the second by Ryan Cross of Colombian teachers protesting in 2017.


Driven By Machines Smoke Palaiseau Remix


The latest remix has been released in the new Driven BY Machines Angerona Remix Collection EP that also features Stephen Johnston, Invisible Agent, Row Boat, Audio Mainline and Ben Haviour and a download of an exclusive hidden bonus track.

Go check it out on Bandcamp:

Oxford Guitar Orchestra Release

Tomorrow Audioscope release the Oxford Guitar Orchestra performing Guitar Trio, Part 2 live at Audioscope 2016 along with a Karhide remix of the performance.

With all the money raised going to Shelter!

Oxford Guitar Orchestra were: