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Driven By Machines Smoke Palaiseau Remix


The latest remix has been released in the new Driven BY Machines Angerona Remix Collection EP that also features Stephen Johnston, Invisible Agent, Row Boat, Audio Mainline and Ben Haviour and a download of an exclusive hidden bonus track.

Go check it out on Bandcamp:

Oxford Guitar Orchestra Release

Tomorrow Audioscope release the Oxford Guitar Orchestra performing Guitar Trio, Part 2 live at Audioscope 2016 along with a Karhide remix of the performance.

With all the money raised going to Shelter!

Oxford Guitar Orchestra were:

Sacred Spaces launches today 

Cities and Memory Sacred Spaces


A new Karhide remix is up on the Cities and Memories site to as part of the Sacred Spaces project.

New Playlist

It's getting to the end of the year and as I was messing about with Playmoss I thought it'd be a good idea to put together an influences playlist from YouTube.  It's in no particluler order just as I thought of bands to add.  

Go have a listen and I hope you like it and find something new. 

New Driven By Machines Remix

A new Karhide remix of Broken in Half by Driven By Machines is now out on their latest release!