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Westward Shift
Pursuit of the perfect trip
Cities and Memory
Leaving Buenos Aires
Single Cell
Denfert Rochereau to Saint​-​Michel Notre Dame
Space is the Place - Cities and Memory
Yellowstone - Cities and Memory
All Lost, All Gone
Give Shelter
Versatile Remixes - BenHaviour
Sounds of the Year 2018 - Cities and Memory
Sounding Nature - reimagined sounds - Cities and Memory
Kid Kin EP (extended version)
Flies Are Spies From Hell - Underdog Undone (Remixes)
Sounds of the Year 2017 - Cities and Memory
A Cheery Wave From Stranded Youngsters: Vol. VIII
Protest and Politics - Cities and Memory
Oxford Guitar Orchestra: Live at AUDIOSCOPE16
Broken in Half (Single) - Machines Remix
The Next Station - Cities and Memory
In Violet Amber remix
Prison Songs – Karhide – Old Alabama Remix - Cities and Memory
Sundowner Remixes
Sundowner EP
Utopia – Sunset Remix - Cities and Memory
Erinnerungen an eine Stadt -  Cities and Memory
Music For A Good Home – Oxford edition
Music For A Good Home 3
kin Hell Fest 2014 Comp
Colossus EP
Remember Remember EP
A Cheery Wave From Stranded Youngsters (Volume Five)
Outside the square – one beat compilation
Rough Sleep EP
Ship of Theseus - Listing Ships
The Hayling Island Sessions - Listing Ships
Music For A Good Home 2
A Cheery Wave From Stranded Youngsters (4th Wave)
White Cannon
Flies Are Spies From Hell King Sly Remix
A Cheery Wave From Stranded Youngsters
Atlantis​/​Karhide Split Single
Karhide​/​Viola Dub Split Single


Hotel rooms can do strange things to you.

For the peripatetic Karhide, a year spent on the road to places as far-flung as South Korea, China and Canada has broadened his horizons still further, opening up a dramatic, cinematic palette of widescreen electronica – all composed in that dreadful space between check-in and check-out.

Where previous Karhide work has more often resembled Big Black if they were commissioned to soundtrack A Short Film About Killing, the 2018 model is closer to a post-rock Hans Zimmer, every bit-crushed snare and reverberating lead line building a horizonless expanse of sound.

Time away from home can do strange things to you.

Written, composed and recorded in hotels around the world, the new EP “All Lost, All Gone” is the result of many hours of late-night inspiration combined with the disconnect and madness that comes from days, weeks and months spent far away from everything you know.

The EP crosses as many moods as time zones involved in its production, with the soaring mellifluence of the title track paving the way for the pulverising stomp of “All Lost, All Gone”, perhaps best described as the perfect middle ground between Ministry and Clint Mansell.

This unique blend of the brutal and the swooning can be traced back to Karhide’s electronic upbringing in the East Midlands – though he’s been programming beats for as long as DJ Shadow, the culture from which he draws inspiration is that of the industrial-strength beats of Godflesh and Frontline Assembly.

Time away from home can do strange things to you. But on this evidence, the longer Karhide spends travelling the world, the better it will be for all of us.

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